Sara Steinke

Sara Steinke

Communications Assistant & Webmaster


Sara joined The Chapel staff in 2009.  She graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in English. She and her husband, John, married in 1996 and they have three daughters, Abigail, Ella, and Wren - and one evil cat, Poe, and a very active dog, Jack. They live in Washington state.


Favorite Bible character…Paul. I just love how God changed his life SO dramatically.

I was born…after my big brother and before my little brother.

My last meal would be…my mom’s mac & cheese, or Santaniello's pizza (with tomato/basil & spinach), or my mom’s meatloaf, or cheesecake.

My childhood ambition was…to be an archeologist just like Indiana Jones.

Biggest challenge…raising three daughters…and a husband.

If I had a different job I’d be…working on a novel (but probably not).

Nobody knows that I…wrote hate-mail to Olive Garden when they did away with their cheesecake for something called “Chocolate Lasagna.” To appease me, they sent me a whole cheesecake. I tried hard, but couldn’t finish it.

One of my fondest memories…spending all day at my neighbor’s blueberry farm eating my weight in big, fat, sun-warmed blueberries and coming home covered in dirt.

Transforming experience…becoming a Mom! I can’t believe they just let you take this little person home from the hospital without doing some sort of background check!

If I could be a cartoon character, I would be…Snoopy – I love the way he dances.

Best advice I would give a 20 year old…Take chances now before you get too old and the thought of taking chances scares you!

Likes…freshly washed little girls, giggling daughters, my husband’s brown eyes, cheesecake (do you see a theme?), sweatshirts, jeans, a really good book, and purple tulips.

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