Global Media Outreach

You Can Help Change the World from Your Computer

Two million people a day conduct spiritual searches on the Internet.  Seekers come from every nation on earth with a great desire for God.

How many people can you share Jesus with?  How can you be a part of a pioneering ministry that’s reaching hundreds of thousands for Christ each month?  How can technology be used to share the gospel?

People need Christ all over the world. 

In response, The Chapel is partnering with Global Media Outreach (GMO), an internet ministry, to help you become an online missionary out of your home.  As an online missionary, you can share your faith with people through email.

What is Global Media Outreach?

Seven years ago, GMO asked, "What if we put the gospel online? Would people care?" Since then, over 50 million people have not only cared—they've believed. 50 million out of 6 billion just scratches the surface. Will you help reach the rest? The world is searching online. Global Media Outreach, a non-profit Christian organization, helps people find Jesus.

GMO's vision involves giving everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus and a desire to see hundreds of millions receive Him while building them in the faith and connecting them to Christian community.

Click here to watch live as people visit GMO websites, indicate decisions for Christ, and ask for followup.

What would a GMO community of Online Missionaries at The Chapel look like?
  • Christians 18 years old or older
  • Willing to email one new contact a day
  • Trained online by GMO for five weeks
  • Helped by a trained Community Leader
  • Can attend a monthly in-person group meeting for prayer and mutual support
Want to learn more?
You can find out more about Global Media Outreach at their website

You can also contact our GMO Community Leader, Marian Douce, at or (269) 985-3886.

Ready to become an Online Missionary?

To be a part of The Chapel's GMO Community, you must sign up through our Community Leader (and NOT on the GMO website). Sign up by clicking the button below. You will be contacted by Marian Douce.


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